How to submit site to Google Search Engine

How to submit site to Google  Search Engine?

Many people make website but not appear in Google Search Engine & other search engine which effect traffic of website. Learn how to submit site to Google and Bing search engine with simple steps

How to submit site to Google  Search Engine.

When you have created new website, there some problem face by people. May be you know about Google search engine. If you want to appear your website in  Google Search engine, which show your website to world. People easily find your website in Google. Submit site to Google click here –[Google Add URL] . In this you add your website URL first of all, your login with Gmail account, then proceed next It shows this type screen in your browser.submit site to google

But we recommend to use Google Webmaster Tool which shows full information & control of your website, it’s a free service of







google Click – Google webmaster tool which open in new link find [ Sign In] option in Google page then click on sign in.

submit site to google






New links open in new page which look like this page which show below, In these you added your website URL Then click on “add a Property” It’s open in a new page in.

submit site to google





Then Google asks for verification for  you to conform that google check you are website Owner or a robot. You have to choose ‘HTML file’ as verification method ,which give you a code which looking like that-“googlef54f454h51f145.html”.

You can add verification code to Your site [Wordpress plateform], Login admin of your website in “Setting>General ‘ and code, paste in Google webmaster tools -column or line then click save button. When Verification done, then go to Google Webmaster Tool. It shows Confirmation massage in this. after this open massage in left of page which below of dashboard. of Google Webmaster Tools. It has massaged teach you how can improve the presence of your website.

Improve the search presence of http://www.Your domain It give an idea of How Add Website to Google.

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