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Best blogging platform in the world. we provide full information about best blogging platform. This post original post in 2014, but some update according to new features & popularity of blogging site, last update in April 2016. There are many competition in blogging platform, many blogging platform get 1st rank in blogging. we provide data of best blogging platform according to User. I think many people know about blogging, if you don’t know about blogging don’t worry, I will  explain in deeply in these post. when we know about best blogging platform then we start own blog sites


Blogging is art of sharing own thought to public by online, and blog is a type of small website which update daily,weekly, monthly etc. blogging is easy to write but hard to build audiences. Social networks help audiences and deliver content to reader and for established blogs and website build link to small sites. So, if you’re blogger want a new home or are looking to write online for first time, Now here’s our guide to which blogging site are most popular. If you want to share your thought or experience to public, then you choose blogging platform from list of best blog sites.

List of best blogging platform below from which one for you …Use link below to jump to :

1 6 Typepad
2 7  Squidoo
5  Google +

best blogging platformWORDPRESS.COM

WordPress is a type of free blog site with 50% features of Generally less maintenance/ free of cost, but less control of the blog. Get start and select your free domain name like “” or pay to your own domain name “”. You need best niche for popularity of your blogging site. Construct your site, Write post, try a free theme, set up social media account link to your site and learn blogging at ““. wordpress is a best blogging platform which easy to publish post.


Recommend Blogging and website
Total user 409 Million user
Features Take control, Get social, Track your popularity, express yourself in style
Workability All operating system, mobile
Global rank  18

Blogger is 2nd  free blog-hosting site of google. Blogger offers a great service to user but the desing are primary or elementary type. You should have Gmail account to login and publish your 1st post on blogger. You can earn money from Adsence afte 6-7month of create your site and maintan good traffic.You try Adsense, edit your post put code of adsence.


Recommended for Blogging
Launched 1999
Founder Evan Williams of Pyra Labs
Memorable event Bought by Google in February, 2003
Working System Windows, Smartphone, Anroid and iOS oprating system
Global Rank 66
Features: Create custom Home on Web, Desing your blog in your way, Grow audience with Google+, Publish from anywhere


Tumblr is a microblogging platform & social networking site founded by David Karp, It allows users to post  multimedia and other content to short-long form blog. It provide good dashboard interface, where post publish to public or private. tags- for each post a user creates. they are able to help their audience finds post about specific topics by adding tags.

SUMMARY- (1 Feb,2016)

Recommended for Micro-blogging
Founder David Karp
Launched Feb, 2007
Total user 277.2 million user
Working System Windows, Smart phone, Anroid and iOS Oprating system
Memorable event Bought by Yahoo! in 2013
Global Rank 43
Features Blog management, mobile interface, inbox & messaging, Editorial content
Alexa Rank


Squarespace is based on Content Management System (CMS) which is provide of a website builder, blogging plateform and hosting services. The service allows individual and Business to Create and maintain our website and blogs. Squarespace was launch in January 2004, and founded in 2003, by “Anthony Casalena”, while he studied at University of Maryland with $ 30,000 investment from his father. Squarespace was founded to create an all in one web publishing solution

SUMMARY- (25 March, 2016)

Recommended for Website Builder, Blogging Plateform & Hosting service
Founder Anthony Casalena
Launched January, 2004
Total user 1000 people sign up daily
Memorable event September, 2014 Squarespace was named the #3 best medium company to work at in the USA by Fortune Magazine
Working System Windows, Smart phone, Anroid and iOS oprating system
Global Rank
Alexa Rank 606 (as on jan, 2016)
Features Modern Template, Template Switching, Design for any purpose, Style Editor, Customizable content Layouts, Free typekit fonts, Free Google Fonts & Custom CSS.


Google Plus is social network platform that owned and operated by Google Inc. Google Plus launched in January, 2011, featured included the ability to post status with photo or without photo, or interest based communities, any type of group join & make into Circle, Multi person instant massaging. text and video, chat called hangouts. According to “New York Times” likened Google+ to Ghost Town, citing Google stats of 540 million “monthly active users”, but almost of half don’t visit sites. Google + user base was roughly 60% Male and 25% Female and 15% unknown as on Nov. 2013.


Recommended for Social Networking site and Micro blogging sites
Founder Google
Launched January, 2011
Total user  418 million (active dec. 2015)
Memorable event December 15, 2011; 4 years ago, replaced Google Buzz
Working System Windows, Smart phone, Anroid and iOS oprating system
Global Rank  4,091,673
Alexa Rank
Features User profile, circle, stream, Identity service, Hangouts & hangouts on air, Privacy, Communities, Location, Events, Photography, Instant upload, Location, Commenting on Youtube.


Typepad is blogging service Owned by “Endurance International Group”, launched in october, 2003. Typepad is based on movable type platform and share technology. Typepad service is available in several languages and countries, around the worlds. In the United States. Typepad is sold at four different paid subscription level. Typepad underwent a major DDoS attack in April 2014 that caused its service to go down for about six days according to wikipedia. Typepad give only 14 days trial period service free of cost after that typepad charged from own users.


Recommended for hosting and publishing weblogs and photo albums
Founder Endurance International Group
Launched October 2003
Total user
Memorable event Typepad underwent a major DDoS attack in April 2014 that caused its service to go down for about six days
Working System Windows, Smart phone, Anroid and iOS oprating system
Global Rank 1,317
Alexa Rank  508 ( april 2014)
Features Start with easy publishing, Make money from affiliated programs, fully customize your blog’s design, The Typepad team is at your service


Squidoo was a community websites platform that allowed users to creates pages called “lenses” which could there be used to sell products for profit or charitable donation. Development on Squidoo started in 2005 with the launched of beta testing period in october of that year. The launched team consisted of Godin, his book editor Megun casey, former fast company employee, health Row, Corey Brown, and Gill Hil debrand, Godin announced that Squidoo has been acquired by hub pages on August 2014, 74000 users and 2.5 million forum post were recorded in 2013.


Recommended for Blogging Platfomr and online community
Founder Team
Launched October 2005
Total user  74000 users and 2.5 million forum post were recorded in 2013
Memorable event Squidoo has been acquired by Hubpages on August 2014.
Working System Windows, Smart phone, Anroid and iOS oprating system
Global Rank 19,458
Alexa Rank
Features Create page called “lenses”


I think you can find best blogging platform from these post.if you have some query about these, you can contact via mail.

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